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    SEAHOP 2011 took place on Saturday, November 19th. It began at 11:19:11AM (because that way the date/time were a palindrome (11/19/11 11:19:11), and palindromes still rock).

    The hunt consisted of three rounds of puzzles, which collectively contained 16 puzzles (including an initial run-around), three meta-puzzles, and a meta-meta puzzle.

    Check out the puzzles for the hunt here!

    Solutions to each puzzle are linked on the puzzle pages themselves, and you can also see puzzle commentary and bonus content. You can see the poster which came with the hunt here. SEAHOP 2011's poster was designed by Seattle-based designer Jon Kay.

    A whopping 20 teams participated in SEAHOP 2011:

    • Bad Oil
    • Barry Reginald Whitmore the Third & Those Who Wish They Were Barry Reginald Whitmore the Third (The Whitmorteers)
    • Briny Deep
    • Captains Jean Clu Picard
    • Dirty Snout
    • Layton's Avengers!
    • Madhunt at Puzzalot
    • Math Party
    • Mondegrue
    • Not John Jensen's Team
    • Organized Chaos
    • Operation Leroy
    • Pokémon Puzzle League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    • Sometimes Even Assholes Have Overwhelming Prowess (SEAHOP)
    • String Cheese Theory
    • Team Not Appearing In This Event
    • There Are No Happy Movies Set in Detroit
    • Trivialities
    • We Still Don't Have a Name

    The top three teams to complete the hunt were:

    • Team Not Appearing In This Event, 190 points
    • Briny Deep, 180 points
    • Mondegrue, 170 points
    The full standings are available in this spreadsheet.


    Thanks to everyone who competed!


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