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Round 2 Meta

Round 2

In his spare time, Booger likes to write poetry, although he often throws it out for being too derivative. Some of his discarded poems can be found at the bottom of this page.

Find what's missing in his poems, then kick it up a notch. Then maybe, if you take these puzzles at the right slant, you'll be able to add the special something he needs.

  • SEAHOP Chinese
  • Dogs!
  • Static
  • Grocery Shopping with Ducks
  • Retro Video Game Dance Party
  • You're Under Arrest!
  • Revenge of the Teams

  • Where do you walk on sunny times
    I'm feelin' so good right now
    we found this pile of paper
    we'll be fighting in the streets
    I see myself on T.V.

    I used to think one day
    I don't know what I want
    I heard a song tonight
    I still remember
    I was riding shotgun
    I remember your bare feet
    I remember tears
    last night I heard
    you take a deep breath
    I took a chance

    Day after day
    to lead a better life
    when I'm walking beside her
    there's a fog upon L.A.
    oo I need your love
    close your eyes
    picture yourself
    ah look at all the lonely people
    it was twenty years ago

    I come from atop the mountain
    some guys once asked me what kind of a motion
    much ado is all I see
    things are falling down on me

    Woke up this morning feeling blue
    I didn't mean to treat you so bad
    you walk into the room
    just a minute before you leave
    our conversation was short and sweet
    oh where have you been
    now you're here beside me baby

    Some days when I'm far away
    now we take our time
    even though I'm in love
    when you look into my eyes
    don't go changing
    come out
    you don't have to talk
    good night my angel

    This is out of our reach
    runny nose and runny yolk
    if it's a hard cold beat
    I am buried up to my neck
    I need an easy friend
    you need a path to cross